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anyone smoke Lasagna?

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So my mother in law requested  dutch oven lasagna this weekend, my 14 y/o said that sounded good, but we should smoke it instead.  Hmmmmmm


I am just wondering if smoking something in a pan picks up any of the smoke taste, beside the very top layer?  I've seen people who do lasagna fatties, but I don't think that will fly with the in-laws.


Any ideas from anyone?

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I have not smoked lasagna, but I have done mac & cheese several times.


Anything you cook in the smoker will absorb the smoke, just make sure to have plenty (smoke) available.


For lasagna I would use my MES with the Amaze-N-Smoker, maybe cook it at 275 for about 2 hours or so.


Good luck and good smoking

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We did spaghetti pizza (sorta like lasagna) in my MAK. Turned out great

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I have not smoked lasagna, but I have smoked beans many times


I'd say go for it and don't forget the Q-view




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You are right about just the top layer. Most things you smoke (beans , mac an cheese etc) you should stir every thirty min. or so.

 You might try smoking the meat / cheese / sauce before making the lasagna???

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I like the idea of smoking the meat then putting it together

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Sounds good Let us know

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