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Hey all and thanks, from East of Philly!

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Hi all!  I first want to say THANKS so much to all the contributors on this forum and all the great info and tips I've learned to far.  I've been lurking in the shadows reading a lot here over the past several months, and it's about time I signed in!


I'm pretty new to smoking and I purchased the Masterbuilt Analog Electric Smoker from Cabela's a few months ago when it was on sale for $139 (orig. $179.99), and when I looked at their site again today to get the exact name of my smoker I noticed it's now on sale for $99.99!  Just thought I'd mention it since it's a steal at that price.  It certainly seems to be a great smoker for a novice like myself.  I've only had two runs with it so far in the past month and a half or so- both times doing a whole chicken and a couple of baby backs, and the meat has come out excellent so far (with the exception of a half of one of the racks one time which came out pretty tough...I'm guessing that might be due to meat selection? ...had to cut each rack in half to fit in the smoker neatly).  Used a shorter variation of the 3-2-1 for the babies.  Also used pecan wood both times.


I'm gonna be on the front lines this Thanksgiving and will be smoking my first turkey (already doing a load of research in preparation).  I wish I could have made a practice run with the smoker, but the past couple of weeks had left us without power here in NJ after Hurricane Sandy (all is good and minimal damage).  Just glad we don't have a house on the shore.  So now we have power again and I'm itchin' to smoke that turkey!... Heck I might as well throw a couple of rib racks in there as well while I'm at it!


Glad to be here,


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Hi Matt! welcome1.gifto SMF!!! We're happy you found us! You've come to the right place, we have over 40,000 members and over 800,000 posts so you should be able to find almost anything you want to know. Remember the search bar at the top can be your best friend for finding answers fast!

You might want to check out Jeff's Free 5 day E-course it will teach you all the basics and a whole lot more!

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Hello and welcome to SMF!

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