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Dean..... Did you take delivery? Are you happy with it? Love to see some pics. JB
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I drove down and picked it up last week, hadnt had a chance to fire it up until yesterday. I am extremely happy with how it cooked and held temperature! There are a few things I think could have been better and if I was to order another one I would ask them to change it. I wiring for the trailer lights need to be ran through conduit or something. They are just zip tied to do the frame and The electrical wires for my plug ins run through the storage container and are zip tied to the trailer as well. The problem with that is when I throw wood in there or anything heavy there is a chance of the wires being cut or knicked. I will run out and take some pictures and get em on here! I would say it was a good experience. We filled it with meat yesterday and lets just say we made a lot of new friends in the neighborhood!!

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Havnt tested out the cyberQ yet. 

Fans on the backside of the firebox.

Heres one of the things I would of changed as well. This is the wiring to the fans for the CyberQ I think they should of been ran through conduit. One of the things I will be changing.

Here you can see the electrical wires ran through the storage, I will be routhing these through conduit and under the trailer. 

Heres a couple pictures of the wires for the trailer lights. I dunno if its common but it looks like they just blasted holes through the fram with a cutter and ran the wires. I am going to re run the wires through conduit. 


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Dean....what a great looking rig! I'm sure you'll put out some great Q. You certainly put some time in determining what you wanted.

Please post your thoughts on the CyberQ, that's one option I've been looking at.

I know the measurements, but if you load it up let me know how much meat you get on the bottom shelves and if you have room on the top ones. Sometimes I'm cooking 10 butts and a few briskets, so I'm curious how that would fit and how the temp holds.

One guy I talked with had a problem with the angle iron that is in the smokiing chamber right out side the firebox warped on him. I'm thinking he got it to hot.

Thanks for posting the pictures, I look forward to hearing about you experience.

Good SMOKIN' .... JB
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Those handles rule!

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Originally Posted by cromag View Post

Those handles rule!


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Thanks! It sure is a fun toy!!

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Looks very nice man.  Is that the cutting board option on the left side of the pit?  What are the covers made of that are above the storage boxes? 

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Yeah, thats the cutting board to the left of the smoker. The cover that is over the top of the storage boxes is just expanded metal. 

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Dean, sorry for bringing this thread back from the dead.  Your pics helped me decide on my recent upgrades.  My RK250 is being upgraded right now.  I'm adding the CyberQ myself.  Would you have a pic you could post of the probe wiring entering the smoker tank?

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I will take a pic when I get home, I am out of town for work this week, but basically if you can see where the cyberq is located there is a hole right there in the smoke that the probes run through into the chamber. Hope that helps!

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Thanks!  Got my pit back yesterday.  They did a great job.  East Texas Smokers was great to work with.   I bought my pit used, so I didn't have the pleasure of working with them when it was built.  The upgrades they did were excellent and very reasonably priced. 

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What all did you have done?

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I had a basic RK250 and added:


Insulated firebox with ports for temp control

Propane plumbing with tank holder and starter

18" hide-away stainless bar top

Dividers for organizing the back of the tank

Switched from axes on the doors to the roller handles

Spare tire



Just tried by CyberQ Wifi. last night.  Don't think I need the picture after all.  Thanks for the help.

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How did you like the Cyberq?

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Originally Posted by Dean74 View Post

How did you like the Cyberq?

Just ran with it once.  Not sure I'll use it unless the meat is wrapped.  Seams like to get any decent amount of time, I have to load up the fire box, but to keep temp down the fire gets snuffed which creates a lot of white smoke vs the nice blue smoke.  Also, seems like I'll still need to load wood every 4 hours or so.

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I use mine every time, I built a big basket for charcoal in mine tho it didn't run real good without the basket using the cyberq I load it with a bag of charcoal to get it going, after that I load about a stick every hour and it burns clean the entire cook.

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When I got the smoker back Saturday, I did two cooks and with starting with some lump and a stick or two I was able to create a bed that allowed me to use 1 stick per hour and burn cleanly the entire time.    Not sure I need the CyberQ then since things seem to run pretty stable.    Now with the cyber q hooked up, I want to be able to walk away for at least 4 hours, but don't see a way to burn cleanly while keeping temp down and having the 4 sticks in there needed to allow me to walk away.    Thinking I'll just plan my walk aways when I would wrap anyway :)


BTW I'm wrestling with the gauges on the smoker where the left gauge typically shows 30 degrees lower than the right, but when I check temps inside the pit with an oven probe or the Cyber Q, the temp on the left is the same as that on the right.   Have you seen this too?   A coworker who is a Mechanical Engineer (and experienced with thermal analysis) suspects that maybe I have an air gap on the left door cooling the gauge.

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Just picked up my East Texas Smoker on the 23rd of October. Was a bit of a trip from New Jersey bit worth it! I've burned it in a few times since its turning colder up here. I have nothing but good things to say about Clint and the East Texas team. I looked around for a while, some local places in Pennsylvania, Lang, another place in Florida that did complete food trucks but the team at East Texas Smokers is the real deal. The tanks they use and the heavy steel firebox and warming boxes hold the heat nicely. Getting ready to load'er up this weekend with some ribs, spatchcocked chicken and fresh pork belly.

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