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 Hey, Big Twig. I have taken your advise and am currently trying the black cherry concentrate. The salesman at GNC recommended I take bromelain along with it. I was having another attack in my knee for about a week then it subsided with scrip meds and then it went right to the other knee. I started the BCC and the Bromelain and am convinced this stuff works. As of right now I am gout free. The gout subsided within two days. I have been on colchicene a while back and was gout free but my doctor took me off it due to the harmful damage to the liver. slowly the gout attacks have been coming back. I had just renewed my colchicene and picked up the bottle and thought I would give the concentrate a go of it first and it looks like the colchicene is going to stay in the med cabinet for now. Thanks for the heads up.. I am feeling a lot better...........icon14.gif


Not trying to take this thread off track but I am posting this so your buddy may be able to try the herbal treatment and not worry about what he can and cant eat and enjoy his thanksgiving with some turkey..........





Glad to hear it is working for you! I know a lot of people taking the cherry now and it has changed all of their lives including mine. Have a great Thanksgiving!