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I ate this for several days and it lasted just fine as far as I remember. Let me know how it turns out.

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That looks really good man. Looking forward to trying my first fatty
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This looks awesome. I'm going to steal this and try it maybe this weekend.
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Mike, I followed your recipe almost exactly except I don't care for hard boiled eggs so I scrambled mine. I took it one step further though and it came out AMAZING, so I felt I couldn't NOT register and share the results!


After I smoked the fatty, I wrapped it in croissant dough and baked it for 13 minutes! I also didn't brush it with the maple syrup/water mix, I just drizzled syrup over the finished slices.

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That looks tasty. I'm glad you liked it.
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Dang, now that's awesome.
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Hey Mike looks real good, going  have to try. I am new can you give an idea of temp and time in the smoker ?

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I believe it was 225 deg. at about 3 1/2 hours if I remember correctly.
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Hi. Another newb here. This looks amazing and I want to try one this weekend, if I can stop drooling on myself long enough to do it. My question is: is there an internal temp that you cook to, or how do you tell when it is done?
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If I remember right I think I took the inside temp to 145. At least I should have. Post a pic here for me to see yours when it's done.
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I made 2 of these bad boys today. I made 1 with hard boiled eggs, and a second one with scrambled eggs. I could not tell a difference in the taste between the 2 varieties. I did have some trouble with the one with hard boiled eggs falling apart after I sliced it. All in all, the both tasted amazing. Thanks for sharing Mike!


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Im glad you enjoyed it. They look tasty !!!
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