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Originally Posted by Bama BBQ View Post

I'd like to recommend a book for you.  If you follow the lessons and do what he says, in five lessons you'll KNOW your cooker.   I downloaded a free Kindle app on my laptop and bought the Kindle version from Amazon:  Low & Slow: Master the Art of Barbecue in 5 Easy Lessons. Rush, Colleen; Wiviott, Gary. Perseus Books Group. Kindle Edition.


He's not for everyone because he's kinda brash and fairly direct but I assure you, if you do what he says you will become a VERY accomplished cook VERY quickly.

Also, there's a secret handshake for WSM owners. For all you conspiracy folks, you should know that every President of the United States owned a WSM.  We WSM owners are apart of a secret society of... Just kidding.  It's a great smoker. I have some ribs in my WSM now. They've been going rock solid at 275 for 3 hours now.


In all due respect, If you spend time on the Virtual Weber bullet site, you won't need to invest in the Low & Slow book. While the book teaches you 5 lessons for smoking, the same information is located on this site as well as the Virtual bullet site I bought the book and didn't bother finishing it.  Just my personal opinion here.

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Shhhhhh....., don't give the secrets away.  You will mess with the fabric of the universe.  Remember what happened last time a new guy thought he knew the handshake and got it wrong. That's how this global warming thing got started.


Wiviot used to have his 5 smoke WSM course online (for free).  I thought I had printed and saved it, but apparently it has either been lost or relegated to one of my external drives as I can't find it.


I would 2nd the Weber Bullet site.  It's required reading for any WSM owner.

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Originally Posted by JIRodriguez View Post

Not sure what you folks are doing that are having to tend your WSM every 30 min. or so, but if you set it up with the minion method you shouldn't have to tend it more than once or twice during a smoke. I have ran up to 22 hrs. on one load of charcoal and only had to mess with my WSM 4x during the entire thing.

Hey Johnny,


When I mentioned I check on the WSM every 30 minutes or so I never said I had to make adjustments that often.  At that time I had not purchased my Maverick 732, so I would go outside and check on the temps. every thirty minutes.  Now that I have the 732 I rarely have to go outside once I get the proper vent openings.



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