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Spring? Thought we only had 2 seasons up here, swattin and shovelin eh? Lol. Btw, I think I myself plugged into the group map. 

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Humdinger, I will see what I can do lol.  I never heard anything until they were released every year. 

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Ok, MI folks...it's gonna be 41 in West Michigan...anyone planning on burning meat this weekend? I'm still in the burning Metal stage, but getting closer!
If a warm up in late fall is Indian Summer, what should we call this cr@...
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Yep, me and my normal crew are having a "fishing" meeting Saturday. I plan to try out my new gas smoker on some ribs.
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I plan to be on the river with a high school buddy this weekend.  No Q this weekend.

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Well if your gonna hit 41, then in another month we should catch up here in Yooperland. Theres hope!!!!!!! 

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Took the crew last Saturday and disassembled the pool. Got it all home safe. Just waiting on ground to dry up a bit and start getting the pool up.
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I can finally see grass in my backyard!
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yeah me too... means less time for smoking so I can cut the grass.....

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Hey, it was supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny today, dang you Michigan weather! Hopefully this rain clears out, I'm planning on smoking some pork chops tonight here in Madison Heights!

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Photo: Dinner last night..ribs being last minute turned out good. Brisket needs to be turned in to french dip sandwiches


Nice weather here in Grand Rapids, this is last weeks smoke.. IM thinking of doing some slaw, ribs and chicken tomorrow.

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Looks Awesome Shamp. I'm so glad good smokin weather is finally here.

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Finally got from "building" to "cocking"! Still got some work to do, but here's what I ended up with:
That was the burn in day...
Yesterday wasn't as nice, but it was finally time to add food:

Shamp gave me some hints with my rib recipe (starting from scratch with the new rig).
Next up is a trial run on brisket...I'm cooking a bunch of that for a friend's son's open house in July so I need to practice...bummer, huh?
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May 11th. Wonder when winters going to end.

Doodleq, I'm jealous, not only of your smoker but your weather too!
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It seems not this year, JohnnyT...but at least there's been SOME nice days mixed in. The cold spring did leave me more time to build though!
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I shouldn't complain too much, I am still building mine,
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MES 30 number 3 has officially produced some Q... 


First MES superheated and shut itself down, Masterbuilt replaced it for free.  Second one turned out to be off about 30-35 degrees on the meat probe and the internal temp.  3rd one went through their QA group before shipping to me and they sent me a nice stand for it considering all the issues ( which weren't much )


Just smoked 4 ribeyes and did a reverse sear for mothers day dinner.  I would call it about 80% successful.  I used Jack Daniels whiskey barrel and apple chips, and I think I got too much smoke into the meat.  The flavor was good, but the smoke masked too much of the natural beef flavor.  Otherwise, the temp was perfect, the cook was even all the way through and the temp probe and internal temp were spot on for cooking temps.


I think next time I will not pre-smoke to get the smoke going before I put the meat in, then it wont smoke for quite as long, and that should help with the too much smoke issue.


Hoping to get a couple of st Louis slabs and a pork butt on the smoke during the Memorial Day weekend.


Anyone else with an MES do any Salmon?  Looking for a good recipe that doesn't require salting the heck out of it or cold smoking.

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two rolled and stuffed pork loins, tied up and ready to go. Waiting for smoker to heat up
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Hanging with you bro...lit the rig at 6:30, been babysitting it and doing yard work since...finally hit she shower, chaise in the shade, and beer next to me. Life. Is. Good.
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Originally Posted by redneckman View Post

Ribs turned out pretty good.  I tried changing the cook a little since my previous times they would fall off the bone with every bite.  They left a bite mark, but had just a touch too much tug.  Now if I can get them inbetween they will be perfect!




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