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Morning chuck, you're idea looks great. I've been looking for old oil tank to set up just like that for a competition and catering rig. Since i can get just about any kind of pipe i want at work i may have to"borrow" you're design, although it would have to be about double the size. Please let me know how it turned out add i will probably start collecting most of my materials today. Thanks from smokinjoker!!!

Thanks SmokinJokers... you should check out RibWizzards rigs. He has one similar thats made out of a tank and a lot bigger... plus he has a lot more experience.


I finally got to put in a couple more hours yesterday and got the 14" extensions welded on and its taking shape! Was going to just use a 14" strip of tread plate on the sides but decided to do a full endcap using tread plate... but the large scrap piece I needed was buried way back in the yard, and weather wasn't cooperating. Did get the RF plate partially cut out though. Slowly but surely...