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pumpkin chunkin

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Hey my name is Dustin ....ive only been playing around with the art of smoking meat since i was layed off early this winter....and my girlfriend has been on my case to find a hobby other than drinking and playing cards with my we were watching bbq pitmasters ...and i looked at her and said i can do i bouhgt a horizontal smoker from was nice...then i was approached about doing a bbq conest this fall durring our towns first anual PUMPKIN CHUNKIN .....i said sure....i got nervous so i built a rough first addition of an UDS...i perfected my recipies ....i took 1st in ribs 2nd in BBQ beans and 3rd in felt great to win in overal points in my first contest agaisnt some of the other teams in my town that have been doing it for years....needless to say IM ADDICTED!!!!

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Hi Dustin! welcome1.gif to SMF!!! We're happy you found us! Would you do us a favor and add your location to your profile, Thanks!

Congratulations on the comp!!!

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Congrats on the success with the new hobby.

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Congrats on the comp and welcome1.gif to SMF!

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Welcome Dustin!  Obviously, you ain't no newbie.


Sounds like you are already taking the lead, so lead on!  Good job.icon14.gif

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thanks fellas from clayton ,ny btw....all the way up north first.gif

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