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One thing, don't EVER stick your hand in the chute.  I've seen many a meatcutter lose 1-5 fingers/thumb hurrying and instead of a stomper that can be used, they use their fist thinking it won't 'catch'.  But, the fingers fly apart in it and grind up the whole hand until you turn it off.  PLEASE get a stomper for it and save your fingers, and never ever try to clear a clump or jam with a slender tool.  That can not only ruin the grinder, it can cause a flying projectile into someone's eye or face.  Turn the grinder off, unplug it, then tear it apart and clear it, put it back together, then resume.  It is the ONLY way to do it; safely.  It takes ½ of 1 second to lose fingers; I've witnessed it many times.  You get the hand out and it's a bloody stump.  Hopefully you pass out, but that just makes it all the more difficult to get it out, you slumped over the grinder, dead weight.  

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I still have my Mom's.  A Universal #2.


I should set it out as a decoration even though it still works fine.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Pops I do have a stomper, thanks for the warning. A person can never be to safe. Life changes in a second.
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Kathryn that's a nice little grinder, would love to have a small one like that for small amounts, I do have a manual 22 enterprise that I was going to add a motor to but never got a round to it.
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I know I have another one just like it in a box with other's just lost in the black hole somewhere in my house right now!  I do plan on cleaning it up and using it!

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hello, i was doing research on a vintage sears roebuck meat grinder model no. 619-5578  and saw this blog with pawoodswalker's pics and story.....just a note to your readers, i just listed this grinder on ebay.  ebay # 30189697760.....can negotiate on price

there are pics in the advert if any of your fellow smokers are interested.......tks for reading and happy smoking.



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I have this old Reynolds mixer/grinder. I am needing parts for it
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Nice rig.............................Thumbs Up

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Nice rig.............................icon14.gif
Thank you, now if I can find the grinder attachments and the on off switch housing.
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Nice! Built like a tank!

Good luck with it!

Hope you find what your looking for.

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Originally Posted by JP61 View Post

Nice! Built like a tank!
Good luck with it!
Hope you find what your looking for.
It is. I bet it weighs at least 150lbs. I lift 100lb bags of cement at work and I cannot lift this by myself. No way. I tried, lol
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Thanks, I saw that. He said he sold it.
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Found this. it says if you dont see what your looking for to call them



You might have to retro fit from another brand

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

Found this. it says if you dont see what your looking for to call them

You might have to retro fit from another brand
Hey thank you , I'll check it out. Yea I've been thinking I might have to use a different brand. I've been searching for Reynolds for two days, can't find anything.
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Originally Posted by pawoodswalker View Post

Not sure How old it is, I cant find anything online about it, But It works great.
A person can never have to many toys

That's ridiculous! What a score, very nice.
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Hey Pawoodswalker,

Is your Sears Meat Grinder still working you posted from 2010? I have one just like yours.  A Kenmore meat grinder. The date stamped on it is 1939.  I just got it cleaned up and painted yesterday. 

Thanks for posting a video showing the grinder.  It grinds the meat fast.  I sure am glad I found mine at a yard sale for $10.00.  It is the best find of the season!

Do you know what type of lube/oil you use for the gear box? 


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