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I`m in for sure. I will start my BB bacon in the morning and since Gary has been helping me make Mozzarella cheese from scratch I will be making some in his honor this weekend also..I know that Gary`s pillow in heaven will be made of Mozzarella cheese..He just loved it..I woke up this morning wondering why Gary was not on line..I still just can`t believe it...I just want his family to know that he was truly LOVED here on SMF  and that GOD truly needed him in Heaven..Your work is just beginning my friend !!!

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I am in if Sandy will let me. If the weather is junk I have some pulled pork and can make a mean pp pizza...........
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Count me in!  PGSmoker will be smokin' a turkey in honor of our brother smoker "Scarbelly".


Q-view to follow....


We are also expecting a big storm this weekend but I think I'll pull the WSM up onto the back porch and keep on smokin.



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And the Scarbelly Memorial Smokeout  has begun,,,,,

Day 1


Got up at 4:30 . Little dark outside. Got the coals going


Starting Gary's  Memorial Smokeout here with 3 butts


Got two butts on the top rack and one in a pan on the second

grate to catch all the juice from the 3 butts.


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I'll be doing mine on Sunday, and will raise a glass, and shed a tear for Gary.  God bless!

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I'm in.  I am going to the Jack for the judging class today.  I will stop by the butcher on the way home to honor Scar with TBS tomorrow.

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I logged on this morning to review a thread I posted three months ago about kahlua pork. I had ask for some tips and sure enough Scarbelly was the poster who gave me a link to someone who had smoked a butt this way years before. I am doing tha kahlua pork, and want to thank Scarbelly for his help and guidance. Tomorrow I will tip up a beer, and eat a sandwich for him!
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I wont be able to smoke anything since I'll be out of the state for a funeral, but I will load my AMNPS and light it before I leave tonight. The T.B.S. is for you Scarbelly. Rest in Peace.

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Need to start packing this weekend to move but will leave the smoker out, ribs in the freezer will come out today to thaw out for the Sunday memorial smoke.



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I'm in. Haven't dragged out the mini in a while, so tomorrow before Sandy arrives and screws everything up, I'll figure out something to smoke. This is a nice idea for a tribute, I'm sure Gary and his family appreciate it.

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I have three racks of spares defrosting now...

Are we gonna post the q-view in this thread?

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Originally Posted by Pit 4 Brains View Post

I have three racks of spares defrosting now...
Are we gonna post the q-view in this thread?
you can start your own or put it in this one. What ever you would like to do.
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GREAT IDEA!!  I've only been apart of this forum for a short few years & in that time we have lost some great folks from Ron, Paul, Rich, & now Gary. I have a banquet Saturday, but Sunday,

IT'S ON!!!

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I just can`t think about anything else we were going to try and get together in a couple of months when I go to Ca..My BB Bacon is in the smoker..God Bless You My Friend !!!!  Q-view to follow...


This ones for you Buddy !



Cold Smoker for 24hrs..









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Got this ready this morning and will be doin' it in honor of Scarbelly tomorrow...RIP Gary.



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I'm In !! Would not pass on this chance to honor him.

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Very good idea.  Looks like chicken wings and maybe making up some pepperoni sausage. 

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Great idea!  I will be sending up some TBS as well!!!!!

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I don't know what but the Smoke will flow. Just before I got to this post I was sitting outside remembering the laughs and fun Gary and I had as we poked fun at each other. As God is my witness...I could smell Hickory!!! It was 11:00AM and I am the only smoker in my Apt complex! The only think I can say is, " Thank You for stopping by to say Good Bye my friend..." I am so sad this has happened. Too many that inspired and taught us so much have passed. There must be some Awesome Q at the Final Gathering...JJ

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Day 1 of Scarbelly Memorial Smokeout

After 7 hours.drool.gif




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