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Originally Posted by Whittling Chip View Post

Your build looks great! The only concern you may need to think about is the wood close to the firebox. You might want to check the wood from time to time and make sure it doesn't get too hot.

I started a couple of butts early this morning and realized I put a couple of 1 gallon milk jugs to close. They are filled with the drainings from the RF tray. If I hadn't caught them when I did there would have been a big cleanup on my deck.

I'm not sure if it's the picture or not but you might want to level the unit. I have mine sitting at a quarter bubble above level, opposite end from the firebox.

Again, great job!

Thanks, I'll keep an eye on the heat next to the wood.  That's not necessarily where I plan on storing it but my regular wood rack is full up of fireplace stuff and that's my good hickory and pecan wood for the Thanksgiving job.  I'm also a little worried about the caster wheel but during the test burns it didn't get that hot.  I'll watch that as well.  As far as being level, it is a little nose low in the picture but that was how I ran it during the test and it didn't seem to mind.  I have about 10" more flue height than the calculator asked for so that may be helping it out there.  It really draws well that's for sure.

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Well I monitored the temperature of the wood stacked near the firebox and it did get warm.  I could hold my hand to it without flinching but I'll probably not stack it so close next time.  The rubber on the casters was a lot cooler so it looks like that will work out too.  I should mention that I was definately burning low and slow (200-250F) the whole 8 hrs or so the turkey took so things will likely warm up a bit down there for higher heat.


Here's a picture of the turkey placed for smoking.  This was a 19.5# bird but it sure looks tiny on the grate.



Notice all the wood down under.  Its a mix of hickory on the left and pecan on the right.



Here's a shot after I had pulled the turkey to rest and was glazing a ham.  Notice the wood stack again.

In my opinion I didn't really burn through that much wood.  I've rented Lang's before that really required a lot of wood and that was what I was expecting.


Here's the qview of the finished turkey.  I never tented it so its a little darker than I'd like but it sure was moist.  That brining really does the job!



It was nearly 20# but it reached temperature in about 7.5hrs.  I was expecting 10hrs (30m/lb) but it went faster I believe because I had spatchcocked it before I put it on.  I still wanted it to look like a turkey so I didn't flatten it out after removing the backbone.  It held its shape but it also cooked faster and let a lot more smoke and heat into the cavity.

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I like the idea of spatchcocking the way you did it.It looks great.Both the bird and the smoker.

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Awesome work dude. Wish I had the tools to do the same
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Great job.... Nice looking bird from a great smoker..
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You did one heck of a bang up job.  You could definately sell those......I know, I wouldn't sell mine either but I have a bunch of people trying to get me to.  Again, NICE job!!!

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SWEAT my wife put a stop to my offset project when i brought the tank home she was positive i was going to blow myself up so she made me get a lang dam ityahoo.gif

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