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Bradley Racks?

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In the latest newsletter Jeff uses Bradley Racks for the spiral cut smoked hot dogs.  Not knowing what Bradley Racks are, I did a google search and see that they're a mesh rack for the Bradley smokers.  I have an MES 40 but like the look of the mesh for certain applications -- especially the jerky racks.  Will these racks fit in my MES 40?  Is there another product I should be looking at for the same application in an MES 40?


Thanks in advance.

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Here are the dimensions from the product description 

16 x 13 x 15 inches


They should fit but you should measure to be sure 


Here is a link for the product on Amazon with a full description

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Debbie, if you are on a budget, go to Wally World and get some of these:


Two in a pack and inexpesive , like 2 for $3.00


Just a tip, have fun and...

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