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Vertical Smoker Build

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Ladies and Gentlemen, term is used loosely...


This is an amazing site. I want to thank all for the photos and inspiration. I LOVE smoked meat.I've endured with a Brinkman Backyard Griller which has not done it. Although it's a great grill, it's not a true smoker. I had a smoked meat moment the other night and need to share. This is going to be an easy build. I retired my Wallmart gun cabinet about 10 years ago to the basement when it got too large for my collection. It's been replaced with a Liberty LX50. The cabinet is 55" H, 16" D and 21" W. Attached is a photo. I'm thinking this an ideal bod. What do you think?

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Paul, morning and welcome to the forum....  That would work well IMHO....  No one could steal your Q if you were gone...  fireproof too....  

Please take a moment and stop into roll call to introduce yourself, and let us know what smoking stuff you have also, for a proper welcome... 

This forum has great members, very knowledgeable, and willing to help with your questions....  Dave

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I would think it should work great, just getting some holes cut in it can be tough. Some of them have concrete cores that may be a challenge but it would definitely hold heat extremely well.

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Looks like a heavy duty compartment for sure 

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Looks good to me! It's nice to see another Virginian here, I'm about 30 min east of Richmond but, I've been through Crozet a few times and love the area!

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Original idea too for sure, I like it.

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