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Pork belly help

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I live in what I'd say n.central Fl. North of Orlando and south of Ocala. Been looking for a couple of pork bellies to cure. I found some at a meat market in Leesburg, but they were on the small and thin side. I also found some at south Marion meat market. They ran around 15lbs (skin on) and looked nice, but at $8.59 per pound that makes for very expensive Bacon. Was wondering if someone knows of a good source for bellies. Thanks for the help in advance. Van

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Try an oriental market. I just paid $3.19 per lb., in Chandler Az, Cut small, about 1 1/2 lbs., but that was fine as I can experiment with different cures.

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Can't you guys in Florida get pigs for free?  I heard they are running around everywhere down there!  781.gif36.gif


You should also check into the locality of any meat packers.  I get mine from a local processing plant that sells them for around 2 bucks a pound (skin off).  I wasn't aware of their existence until someone clued me in.  Just something to check.



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