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Pulled Pork Cream Cheese Recipe??

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Does anyone have a good receipe for an appetizer using cream cheese and pulled pork? I saw one somewhere in the last couple of years and can't seem to locate it now. I am having a party at the house in 2 weeks and am thinking that sounds good with some crackers. Any ideas?

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Well, there are always ABT's!!!  Atomic Buffalo Turds....Jalapeno peppers halved & seeded, filled with a mixture of cream & cheddar cheese - mix in some pulled pork, wrap in bacon - about 2 hours in a 225* smoker.  You can do many variations with this.


Drop in the pulled pork and spoon a cream cheese mixure over the top, or use cheddar, or any tasty cheese.  My favorite is smoked gouda.


Have fun,



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