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Flip, evening.... I followed your incredible "man bungalow" build....  Cool....  For the TV case, at the marine store they have "golden-rod" heaters.... low wattage for keeping the interior of boats "dry" they say.....  might slide one in the cabinet.....  ...      I thought they were a good idea until I read how hot they got....


never mind..... I tried and failed again.....  Dave

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Here is a night time shot, having drink, watching Sunday football, cooking some pork chops...


Nice time...700





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Add a bit more stuff, for whoever is interested. 


Still have a bit to go, but cook out there about 6 days a week.







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Are you sure your in Florida? looks like something we would see in the mountains, but of course we would have to seal it up sometimes here in Baltimore Md. Dumb question/ How much do you think you have in it if you would of had to pay for all of it?

Super job and I am showing the ole lady this one, but we have to decorate in 2013 Superbowl Champion Ravens!!!!!!!!!!

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Smoking/Grilling house looks Awesome, but the snake sign will keep this Bear away!!!


Nice Job,


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Yea, it's in Florida way back in the woods. Not sure what it would cost if you had to by everything, most of the stuff is leftovers from projects we do. 


Lot's of props for that big theme park in Orlando.


The Pack will be pack next year..:)

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That is one of the coolest things I have seen. I would love to have something like this. 


You did a great job!

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Just some updated photos.




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Absolutely amazing job Flip!  

I would love to have a smoke/grill setup that nice some day... :)


Thanks for sharing!

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nice setup!!!:drool:

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Doing quite a few smokes over the summer and grilling out almost every night. The post by the firebox would get quite hot and make the sap just drip out. 


So used some 1/8" Alum diamond plate and did a little roll on each side attaching them to the post with SS screws and Alum tube to make a heat shield. 


Seems to work great and does not look too bad, don't have to worry about burning the place down. 


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Awesome!!Thumbs Up


Just keeps getting better!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up


I love it !!




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