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Hello boys and girls! Glad to be back!

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Well it's been a long season for me this year with my landscaping company and I haven't had time to smoke or be here sharing.

Seasons almost over and I can get back to work smoking. Last week I built a freezer smoker and cristened it this past Sunday. I made  seven pounds of beef jerky for the event. My son graduates from Parris Island Boot camp on Oct. 5 and Mom and dad could not be more proud. He said he misses beef jerky most of all! So I made him  4 Lbs. Gonna keep the rest for his sister and Mom!


I'll get some Q View up of the smoker and my latest creations in the next two weeks. I missed my friends and smoking family. I hope your all doing well and Happy smoking! Jeff (jalan 43)


Note- Could someone tell me if there is a way to check who gave you points. I understand how they are given, but would like to say Thank You!yahoo.gif

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Welcome back to the forum Jeff.


I can't tell ya nothin about the points but am sure someone 

will be on in a while to give ya that info.


Like to see that freezer smoker... been wanting to try something 

like that myself.


Happy Smokin



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Welcome back.

Everyone starts with 10 points. Going forward if someone give you points it will show up on your profile page is what we were told 

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Thanks Scarbelly! Then I have everyone to thank!

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Hey happy to have you back!!!! We'll catch up soon.

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