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Amount of cure for Beef Ribs

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I have some beef ribs that I want to make into corned beef ribs.  They weigh 4 pounds total.  That would be 4 tablespoons of tenderquick or 2 ounces by weight I believe.  But does it make a difference since the majority of the weight comes from bones?  Will the meat have too much cure? 



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I am sure one of the Dry Cure guys will chime in but I would think Pops Brine with a 1/4-1/2C Pickling Spice would make some great Corned Beef Ribs. Information I have seen indicates 1C Tender Quick per 4C of water plus Spices is a common Curing Brine as well...JJ


Edit the site I looked at said 1C per Gallon...Silly other site!

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Be safe and follow what they recommend,

What you stated is for a dry cure. 

All the info is on their website. .



Dry cure: 1TBS per pound of meat 

Brining: 1C to 4 Cups of water


Never tried a dry cure on corned beef.

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Your right, the Bag says 1C per 4 Cups Water guess that is why SMF is a MUCH better site. Time for an Edit...Thanks...JJ

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Jimmy, I didn't see your post. I was researching when you posted because I didn't remember the detailsth_dunno-1[1].gif

Bigfish, back to the original question, from everything I have read it is the same mixture/ratio regardless of meat/fat/bone. 

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Thanks guys!

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