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Elk Roast?

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Wanting to see if anyone has ever smoked an Elk roast? I'v got a friend who has about a 10lb elk roast and has asked if I could smoke it...I think I can, just don't know about time/temp, etc.  I use a vertical propane smoker..Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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If it were mine I would put my favorite rub on it and wrap and put it in the frig overnight then put it in the smoker at 235* until the IT reached 150* then take it out and wrap it in foil and let it rest for a couple of hrs. then slice it up...

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You can smoke it but don't overcook it due to it being so lean. I smoked. They will dry out very quickly. I smoked a bacon wrapped venison tenderloin, but got to talking and overcooked it. Not bad just too well done for our taste.


I did a quick search for you to check out:

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Yep, the bacon always helps to keep it from drying out.  Thanks for the info. looking forward to getting it on the smoker soon!

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The bacon wrap is a good idea.  Bacon is always a good idea.


Sounds like you know this pretty well, but you've got to monitor your cooking temps pretty closely.  Elk is very easy to dry out.  


Enjoy.  I spent last night sighting in my new elk rifle for the hunt.  I've got a cow tag and a spike tag.  The hunt opens in a few weeks.  Can't wait.

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