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Awesome Craig - you are going to love it 

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Oh yeah.... I am sure I will.


These folks are great!!!

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I maybe soon but I am starting with a 26.00 stovetop Popcorn Popper...

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Did the Sweet Marias link help? 

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Originally Posted by Scarbelly View Post

Did the Sweet Marias link help? 

I saw that last year as I was looking for a new machine. They have changed it some...thanks!!!


It appears that the small issues folks had with it are fixed. (The collector and a couple other small things)


I also looked at a few you tube videos that cleared up the apprehensions I had about it.


I didn't want to spend 300 bucks for something I might not like.


I am gonna be very happy to have nice coffee again..


I told the little woman she can't have any if she has to defile it with mocha/crappa/caramelfrenchvanilla type stuff.  She hasnt spoke to me much since..hahahahaha

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I think that I have an upgrade coming !!!!biggrin.gif

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Wow I can't believe I missed this thread.  Yep been home roasting off & on for years (sometimes I get lazy and buy some storebought stuff).  I started out with a Zach & Danni's infomercial special (a rebadged Nesco) until it died.  Moved up to the Genie and I love it.  Total tweakability of temp & time.  


I'm still not very good at telling the different roast levels and when I should shut it off. I know what first crack sounds like and that it generally could be considered done after that.  From what I've seen at Sweet Maria's roasting guide they make it sound like 2nd crack should hit within a minute or two so any time I put the roaster into cooling mode in that timeframe (going for Full City or Full City+ usually) it seems like my beans always come out more of a dark milk chocolate brown.  Of course the only thing I really have to compare to is all the other roasted coffee either from the store or the local coffee shops who roast it themselves.  Theirs is always much darker though.

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I have been roasting commercially (about 1500-2000 lb/yr) for about 5 years. I started with a heat gun and stainless steel bowl. I now roast on a 6 lb Primo.

I used to get all my coffee from They have excellent prices on real good coffee, and they are a community like this one - just for a different obsession rabbit hole hobby/business. I now get all my green coffee from an importer in Minneapolis.


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I've been roasting coffee off and on for 10 years or more.  I started out with a West Bend Poppery II, which roasted enough coffee to make one pot of automatic drip coffee.  Then I found and built a stir crazy/convection oven (sc/co) coffee roaster.  It could roast about 1/3 to 1/2 pound of coffee, and was my most accurate roaster.


Now I use a 4 Lb RK Drum on a dedicated char-broil gas grill. 


Roasting coffee in an RK Drum on the back deck -


Dumped into the cooler just into 2nd crack -




Typically I roast loading with 2.5 Lbs of green coffee and end up with 2 Lbs of roasted coffee.  Recently we have formed a KC Home Roasters group on facebook and are in the process of making a group buy of coffee from our local distributor.


A cheap blade grinder, a Clever coffee dripper would make for a minimal setup for brewing good coffee ...

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Looks like a great set up 

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That's really cool!


How is it working out for you?



fpnmf wrote:


I did it!!!


Just ordered the Behmoor...

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Man that's awesome! I'm working on a grill roaster I currently use an air popper and like it.

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