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ABT's with Qview

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Made some last week,some with cream cheese and some with ground pork..Will definitely try new combinations soon enough..

Thanks for looking.

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Mmmm, love some ABT's, and these look great!

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Good looking ABT's drool.gif
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Those look tasty!

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Looks like we have another ABT convert biggrin.gif

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love me some abt's..... have a bunch of japs in the fridge...... I need to get busy... yours look great.............icon14.gif

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Those look great.
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I love ABT's those look great. I just made a batch of 4 Cheese and Crab ABT's this past weekend...JJ

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Love them - our favorite now is using the basic cream cheese mix and adding a shrimp and wrapping them up!  The possibilities are endless!

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Always good, even for breakfast!

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Those look TASTY!  ABTs are great because there are so many different ways to make them.

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Nice !

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Hmmm, I may have to go out and pick some peppers tomorrow!




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