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first time side ribs

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So i am going to try side ribs

using a bradley 4 rack

rubbed with jeffs rubĀ 

how long and at what temp? does the 3-2-1 methode work good on side ribs?

i have used it on backs but never smoked side

any advice and help?

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Traditional low and slow 225

I like it a bit hotter 250-275

Foiling add some liquid to the foil. Many different opinions and ways on here. I have been using the Johnny Trigg method lately: brown sugar, parkay, tiger sauce and honey ( I have used agave nectar, what I had on hand) I then save the juices from the foiling and use it as a base for a dipping sauce. I have been playing around with different things, so don't have anything set yet.

I did a thread for ribs and beans. I will link in a second,Apple OS glitch with iPad.
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