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Pitmaster's Choice v 2.0??!!

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I am a complete FAN of Todd's AMNPS and Pitmaster's Choice.  This setup is just far too easy to be so good!


But I do think this forum is just busting at the seams with people who want to push perfection....chronic tinker'ers if you will!


For years my go-to’s were Apple and Pecan so I cannot help but wonder what a PMC v2.0 with maybe a bit of Apple, Pecan and Peach would be like?  I’m thinking the SMFSHIPFREE coupon code might be put to good use giving this a try.  I don’t think the results will be quite as good as the pre-blended pellets, but should be worth a go!



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Sounds good to me. I never tried Pecan or Peach...JJ

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You can always blend you own - I use apple and pecan which is my favorite for cheese 


Have some fun with it an come up with your own blend that makes you happy - 

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My last turkey, I used a pinch of mesquite layered between PC pellets top and bottom in the AMNPS....  I like mesquite but too much really sucks.... This worked well for me... Just enough mesq to add a hint of Texas without making the food bitter....   Dave

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experiment and let us know!

I love the apple/pecan combo, but found the addition of peach a little too subtle (I actually use apple/pecan/pecan for a little stronger flavor...)

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