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Where to Buy Beef Ribs?

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Where can I buy beef ribs where they don't cut out all the meat inbetween the bones?


It seems like all the markets that sell beef ribs take out all the good meat so its hard to find a meaty rib.

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fh, morning....  My butcher, I just spoke with, says he can get me beef short ribs for $3.99 / #..... Says the rib and meat is about 2" thick and delish....  He gets me pork belly for $2.05 / #.....  Find a supply outfit for restaurants...  Ask an independent and ask who supplies them.... maybe a "cash and carry" is in your area....  You will probably have to buy a case but the price would be worth it....  Maybe you can even order the ribs "uncut"...  you know, dino bone style...  left in the rack for you to cut yourself.....   Let us know how you do on your quest for decent ribs...   Dave


PS, please fill out your location so our members can better answer your questions....  In this case, maybe a member has a line on a great butcher/supplier in your area....  would be beneficial to you....   

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Dave has given you some great directions to go. The same I would.

I did notice at Walmart the other day some racks of beef ribs. Every now and then I will see them at Publix. Sometimes if you get to know them, your local ethnic markets will order in what you need.
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I've gotten some nice meaty beef ribs at my local wal-mart in St.Louis

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