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Brisket -- and then breakfast -- w some qview

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Had our godson's parents over for our weekly get together. We were at our house this time so I decided to through a brisket on. Don't have prep pics but I rubbed it down heavily with Billy Bones rub, which is a little sweeter than normal. Put it in at 8am at 235 with hickory, foiled it at 167-ish, took it to 191 and then rested it.

Also, cored a Vidalia onion and stuffed it with butter, minced garlic and rub.

Brisket being sliced with my "1970's technology", as my buddy calls it :)

The onion after 3 hours.

Dinner is served with asparagus, corn and broccoli/cheese rice.

Dessert was homemade banana/mini chip ice cream.

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MMM Looks Good!  I am getting hungry now!

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Round two: Normally, I like to make hash with leftover brisket, but this morning just went for something simpler, brisket and eggs.

Heated up some of the fat/drippings from the brisket in a pan and toss a few slices in.

I like to fry it up crispy around the edges, like bacon.

Add in some farm fresh brown eggs, fried in the brisket fat, some toast and hot sauce...I'm all set. To make it healthy, I'll have a Coke Zero :)
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It all looks very good, well done.

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Everyone has a smile on their face and the food looks great....... Nice...............icon14.gif

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All those smiles make it worthwhile, doesn't it.  I like the fried brisket and eggs idea, gotta try it.  All looks great.  Keep on keeping on.  Steve

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Looks like everyone was enjoying it. It all looks great! We have sliced brisket with eggs and hash browns just the way you do is awesome for breakfast or dinner. I've also added it to a toasted bagel, egg, and cheese for a breakfast sammie.

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Looks like two successful meals  - congrats 

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