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Reverse flow FLOP!!! - Page 6

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Look at this baby pouring smoke!!!!

And here is the little butt cooking on this huge smoker!! Its all I had on hand tho..
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Did the smoke settle down Bart... White billowing smoke is not good.....You want some thin blue smoke... That smoker must have looked empty with just that Butt...LOL



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That's was taken while I was warming her up!! Yes it settled down to thin and blueish gray.. And yes it did look completely out of place!! It was tasty tho!!
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Ok its been a while since the last posts.. I have been using/learning the smoker for several weeks.. Ive gotten very comfortable with it and how it cooks, hot spots, cool spots, etc.. Thanks again to everyone that commented and helped get me up and cooking!!

This was a good cook, 8 butts, 9 chicken breast, 2 baby backs, 2 St Louis style!!!

6 racks for the Florida/Georgia game. I love my college football!!
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wow them ribs look tasty,  If I didn't have a turkey in mine this very moment I'd be firing it up cuz of those pics alone.  

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Well thank u Gent!! They did turn out great, my first brisket is debatable.. Not sure about it yet, will be slicing it shortly!!
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Just pulled my first ever turkey out and it's a success.  I'm betting your brisket is just as wonderful if not more-so.  When you cut into it and watch that juice flow you won't be able to stop smiling!

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I'm guessing if u can keep a turkey and brisket moist, u can keep anything moist!! I'm glad yours was a success!! I tasted my sauce I brushed over the brisket because I got some on my finger wrapping it.. Its wonderful!! A mixture of Crown Royal, Southern Comfort, Texas Pete, cumin, brown sugar, Worchestershire sauce and garlic salt.. I wanted the brisket to have a "bold" flavor!!
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I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! to UGA Fan and Bokyjo. I was about to get one of these pits from the same place as UGA and have changed my mind. I started to think about getting something brand new and then having to hack it up to get it to work and decided that would not be for me. I was wondering if you sent the company any pics or change ideas UGA? I ended up pulling the trigger on a LANG 60" Original today and I get it Saturday yahoo.gif. It was a lot more expensive but I just want to cook. Maybe some day I will learn how to weld but until then I will stick with buying the right one first. 


I also wanted to say thanks to bokyjo. You offering your help on this was what got me to sign up for this community. That is also a perfect example of why i chose to live in NC. The people here are the best I have ever met (no offense to all the others in other places I am sure there are a lot of great folks all over!) 



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Hi Doug, thanks for your comments. Yes Joe is an incredible guy to extend his help like he did!! I did not offer any suggestions to the suppliers of the smoker. They were in complete denial of any problems with the smoker. One of the guys actually quit taking my phone calls and refused to return messages. The last thing I wanted to do is help them in any way!! Hopefully they will go out of business soon!! Doug I see u are in Charlotte as well? I'm just off of Johnston Rd at the state line.. If u need any help learning ur smoker or need any suggestions with anything give me a shout ok?
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Will do Bart! Thanks again this was the only review I found on that pit. While it looked a bit strange they didnt have any pics that gave an indication of how good these were built. Can't wait to get my new baby. Just got a call from the LANG delivery guy he is gonna be here at 0800 tomorrow (guess I will have to go easy on the Blantons beercheer.gif


I am in the Cotswold area off Randolph road. Seems like quite a few of us from the surrounding area. I will definitely reach out with any questions I might have, right now I cant wait to see it. Its gonna be beautiful I just know it!!

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Cool.. The lang is great proven smoker.....I enjoy tinkering with stuff and thought I could help a fellow brother in smoke out.....

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Very cool. I will definitely hit you up. How is the new smoker doing now? Working well? Look like the stack made a HUGE difference. 

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Smoker is working great, the stack is exactly what she needed!! I had back surgery in Nov so I havent been doing alot of cooking on it lately. But I'm better now so hopefully I can smoke up the neighborhood soon!!
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i just picked up an A 1 smoker and i was treating mine and noticed the opening from the fire box to the chamber is a lill small so i'm going to cut it bigger and drop the wood rack down about 3"i think

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Buggman, have those guys changed the design any or is ur smoker like mine? My opening was quite large, but the firebox itself is too small and mounted too high in relation to the cooker. Be prepared to enlarge the exhaust that sits closest to the firebox as well.. I couldnt move enough air thru my cooker and everything came out black and covered in soot..
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No it's still the same when I get off work I'm going to change the stack out and drop the fire rack down and see if that works if not I'm going anouther rout maybe use the other end for my firebox
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The smoke stack should solve 90% of the issues.. I haven't moved my rack down yet.. I think u will find with the extra draft the larger exhaust creates, a damper on the backside of the firebox will help the fire.. Good luck!!
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I am a new member as of today, and purchased this same smoker this past weekend. I wish I would have saw this post last week. I had the same issues as you while trying to season the pit, which lead me to this site. After reading these post I joined. So much information. I am going to change the stack to 6 in pipe. How tall did you go? I also am going to remove the fire box grate and add my own charcoal basket on feet right above the lowest damper. Did you change the baffle? I think it is too short, I was going to extend it down the CC and leave a 5-10 in gap. Thanks for any help.
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My smoke stack is in the neighborhood of 34 inches I believe.. And when u talk about the baffle, I am assuming u are referring to the plate that runs under the lower cooking grate? If so yes, I agree that its too short. I bought some angle iron but not the actual plate itself. I was considering making the extra plate so it could be removed for cleaning purposes!
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