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First Smoke with Q-vue!

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Today is the day. Got my 22.5" WSM and all my goodies over a week ago. Just been waiting to get a day to fire things up.

Smoking a 5 pound pork butt, 3 racks of ribs, and some ABT's.

Got the butt in the smoker around 06:30. Plan to put the ribs in around lunch time, and have everything ready to eat at 6 tonight.

I have been reading numerous post's and getting tips all week. Hope I can give the search button a little rest now. 









More to follow as my day progresses.

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Got the pork to 163 and foiled to the bottom rack.

Got the ribs and ABT's on now.


Pork butt after 6 hours.


Ribs on.

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Time to foil ribs.


ABT's are done.


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that all looks great !

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Great job. Looking yummy!!!!! yahoo.gif
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   Looking good!




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Welcome to your newest addiction!

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That was a great first smoke. Congrats 

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All looks great, your forst smoke is a success!  Now on to many more fantastic smoked adventures.  Steve

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The verdict is in, I'm hooked. Great pulled pork, and ABT's much better than propane grill.

Ribs were ok, but I pulled them off to soon. They were not fall off the bone ready, but just a little tuff off the bone. 

Did pretty much like a 2-2-1 method with them, but may need a 3-2-1 next time.

All in all, bellies are full and happy.





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Glad to hear that, it is always when you have a happy belly!  Steve

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Always good, oops, my fingers are either faster or slower than my brain!  Steve

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Nice first run, all looks delicious.  I have found that 3-2-1 works best for me, I try to keep the temp around 235.

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yahoo.gif great job
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That looks wonderful!  I am so addicted...the family is going to get tired of all of the stuff I wanna try!  Congrats!

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