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Well guys I won a Traeger smoker ( largely due to the votes of some of you) now I am looking for any and all advise as to using it.  I have been searching all day for tips but I figured this is the place to go.  I got my wife bring pellets home and am going to season it tonight with hopes to cook tomorrow. Thanks in advance for any help.


Also, can I use this at competitions? I thought I could but I have read some things that make me wonder.

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Congratulations on the win and the smoker.

Fast Eddy Cookers are allowed, so I don't think there is any difference on being legal.

As long as it is wood fired and does not depend on electric (other than auger and controls) or propane for heat.

I might be wrong, so I will leave it at that.

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bubba, evening.... congrats on the win....  don't get any better than that....  About comps.... I guess different comps have different rules.... don't know for sure.....   enter one and take pics.....  we are with you on that..... for sure....   Dave

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