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Wow I was so thankful to have found this helpful thread. I grew up smoking many things on different types of store bought smokers but never built one.
Now I am living in the Philippines and there are no store bought smokers here that I have found so I need to build one like this but maybe a little longer grilling area as I hope to open a Cafe here next year and want to have a lot of bbq. I am also interested in learning how to cold smoke but anyways are there any more brick built smoker designs on this website or anywhere ???
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Love the awesome brick smoker and appreciate you shared it as well, because it already solved some of the things I was trying to figure out with a build design.
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You may notice I am having technical issues as I have snail mail internet speed.
I am trying to work my way through your thread that is exactly what I was looking for on the best website I have found.
In one of your replies you mentioned a reverse smoker would be ideal. I am still trying to come up with what I wish build in the Philippines where I am limited on materials. I can get all the block, brick,concrete and cut and welded steel I need. I want to use your concept but if possible I would like a reverse smoker design.
That said I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on any changes you would have made and added any idea's on a reverse smoker design.
Thank you and May God Bless You and your family Always
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Bama, sorry for the delay.  My computer died and finally got around to another one.


The closest thing to a reverse flow and incorporate brick that I can come up with is a offset smoker.   You could offset it as much as you wanted and not be in direct heat of the fire.  I think, it would have the same effect as a reverse flow, only it would be a vertical oven vs. horizontal.   Anyone having ideas on this please chime in. 

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