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it is just like the smoken it # 1 but has no drain hole and has a 1/2 top vent hole and no drain pan under it has two drain pans inside on bottom but no drain holes   thank you

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i see in your picture you have looks like smoken it smoker how big is top vent in it  mine is 1/2 inch with no other holes in smoker at all i have two factory pans on bottom that the little like roof over burner drain into inside smoker you clean and empty them after smokeing and there is little wood pan right under  burner but no hole in bottom  thanks for reply 

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The hole in the top of the Smokin-it is approximately 7/8 inch diameter. The drain hole is smaller, approximately 1/2 inch.  The Cookshack has a smaller top vent hole at approximately 3/4 inch. 

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have you put extra air holes in either one if so were and how big   thanks for reply 

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ray1000 - See if this helps you get what you want:


You will notice in the photos that the floor/bottom is not flat but concave/contoured to channel grease and drippings toward the drain.

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is that what you did to yours how good do holes work thank you 

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No, I have not modified either of my smokers.  They work just fine as is. I do not use the AMNPS or any other device. All I do is put the meat in the smoker and use a single chunk of wood weighing a couple of ounces at the beginning of the smoke.  And do nothing more till the food is done.  5 hours for ribs, and 12 to 16 hours for a butt or brisket. These smokers are great and reliable. 


The link I sent was about someone else trying to modify their smoker to get it to work with the AMNPS or a similar Amazen device.  These smokers are pretty air tight and keeping an add-on device lit and smoking can be difficult thus the need for additional air.  But as is, they work very well. 


My advice, if you can afford it, is to get a Smokin-it electric smoker and enjoy BBQ life without worry.  One should not have to go through a lot of modification gyrations to get good food.  Check out their site. 

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will look into it thank you for reply 

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can anyone else that has had atr problem and fixed it to use amazen tube and does it make difference when you use it see what i already posted about what i have thank you ray1000

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can anyone else that has had atr problem and fixed it to use amazen tube and does it make difference when you use it see what i already posted about what i have thank you ray1000

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ray1000 - Something to keep in mind here is that the vast majority of the many posts on electric smokers are centered on Masterbuilt for a variety of reasons. One of the requirements for the Masterbuilt to produce smoke is to keep feeding it wood chips
every 20 minutes or so. The AMNPS was developed to eliminate constantly feeding wood. Load it once and you are done. You now get a couple of hours of smoke. That is why you see modifications. It is all about the smoke.

Of course there are the hints and tips and photos of cooked food

Other posts deal with fixing different problems associated with Masterbuilt smokers.

I don't think you are going to get much more info regarding your particular smoker. The posts and interest just is not there. You will just have to experiment. If you read up on the AMNPS you will find they do a fine job if you have proper air flow and have a torch to get it started.
Good luck - Dave
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thank you for your reply i was just trying to get someone who drilled holes or used smoke generator as to how they worked for them in like smoken it or tex smokers you have been much app in your tring to help thank you ray 100  i will have to do something or just get rid of ams tube smoker it wont work in mine unless i do something drill holes or maybe get an outside smoke generator like smokenmizer or smoke daddy use on out stde any one have luck with any of them in a smoken it type smoker thank you ray1000

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ray1000 - If you had a Masterbuilt you would have had more help and comments than you could handle.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, you own a different brand.  There are many comments regarding the use of the tube smoker and other devices  if you use the search feature top right of the page.  You will have to put a hole in the bottom of your smoker to get a good draft going if you want the tube smoker to work.  No air and it will suffocate.  If you use a smokenator or similar device, you will still need to drill a hole for the fitting that connects to the device.  I think that it is typically run in from the side close to the bottom.  The manufacturers site should have some additional information.  As a last suggestion, I would suggest contacting Todd, the inventor of the A-MAZE-N products, at the site below.  It would be very helpful if you or a friend could take some photos in and outside of the smoker including the top and bottom.  Be sure to get a photo of the heating element location. Not saying there is anything that can be done but it never hurts to ask. 


I honestly cannot offer any more advice or suggestions.  Considering that smoking  is often viewed as a hobby, I am surprised more folks have not chimed in and tried to help. But as I said earlier, this section is very heavy on Masterbuilt and not too much else. Good luck - Dave

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