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What Size for 100% Wood?

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I,m thinking of replacing my 1995 Oklahoma Joe 16" with a 100% wood burning stick burner.  What size cooker will I need to be able to use all splits?  I've read that the smaller cooker need charcoal and wood.




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I has to do more with the quality of the build. Almost any charcoal smoker can be used with all wood, but it takes more tending. To really get a pleasent experience with all wood you want a smoker that is made with 1/4" steel plate, it realy retains the heat a lot better. If you use a thin metal smoker you will have a much harder time maitaining an even temp.


Most folks use a woodburner that has a cooking chamber that is approx. 30" to 40" in length.

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I have a CharGriller Smokin' Pro that I use as a stickburner, I cook ribs, chicken and sausage on it.

For big cuts of meat I use a Weber kettle.

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Like Rod said, it's the Mass that you are benefiting from ;

700 However, ballast is easy to add and helps even the larger BackYard Smokers :


1000  Look closly at the side of my fire Box , you'll see firebrick , for holding heat and making my Smoker more efficient. No shots of the firebricks I have in the Smoking chamber. There are 6 firebrick  set in the bottom of the with one@ 20" -one @  30" - one @ 40" and the last three under my heating/finishing upright .

I also have mine Baffeled and Plated: Oh, you can just see a firebrick under the plate and grill...




and with adjustments to the bricks and plates , I can hold temp of within 10° either way for 1 to 1-1/2 hrs . before feeding her again ...


Have fun and as always...

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