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Just starting out need some advice....

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Well, my folks got me some books for my birthday on how to cure meat, make and smoke sausage and various other endeavors that I am totaly unprepared to do. I've been hot smoking meat for some time now but this is a whole new ball game and I need some advice.


What I am looking to find out is what kind of equipment do I need to get things going....I'm looking for recommendations on a good meat grinder, stuffer and the other basic equipment I might need to get going. I am not constrained by a budget but I would like to keep things reasonable. I don't like cheap....I'm a firm believer in spending a few extra bucks now to save the time and hassle later. 


Some advice from someone who has been there and done that would be nice. What do you guys recommend? Is there a good kit that can be purchased that contains most of the necessary equipment? Is there a decent place on the web where these things can be ordered?


Thank you for the input...... 


Edit: I should also mention that I am not looking to make copious amounts here.....25-50 lbs at a shot would probably be a large batch. I would assume that hand cranked equipment will work fine for this....but I could be wrong.

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Look at the LEM Stuffing kit from Everything Kitchens, great stuffer and extras I did alot of research and that was the best buy also for a grinder and other access I am sure someone will chime in later I have the cabelas 3/4 grinder but  lots of $$$$ I would not have it but my neighbor wanted a bigger one and so Igot a good deal on it. anyways good luck on your new adventure....

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I started out with a cheap grinder (Waring) and it worked for less than 15 minutes before it died. I ended up buying a #8 Lem and their 5lb. stuffer and couldn't be happier with them 

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At a minimum, I would look at the #12 LEM grinder, and if you're going to make the occasional large batch, a stuffer that's at least 15 lb. capacity is a must. It's best to stay with a stuffer such as LEM's that doesn't have a big elbow at the bottom and a weird, super-expensive to replace o-ring.

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Good info here...... I have all cabela's equipment and hear lem is comparable... Both are reasonable and of good quality. I would also look into a smoking unit that could accommodate hanging 20 to 50 lbs of sausage for smoking..........

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Ditto with what said.

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You got some good advice. I have the LEM #8 Grinder with foot pedal and the cleaning kit; the LEM 5# sausage stuffer and added the 3/8" stuffing tube for snack sticks.I also got a back up O Ring! 


The grinder I have grinds faster than I can feed it! Since I only do about 10 lbs of sausage at a time, the 5# stuffer is perfect for me.

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Originally Posted by SmokinHusker View Post

I also got a back up O Ring! 

Yup, it's a very good idea to keep 1 or 2 of those on hand just in case, the extra 0-rings for my Grizzly 5#er were only $1 a piece.

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I checked Grizzley and LEM..... neither had a listing for spare o-rings..... I have the Griz 5# vert stuffer......  Dave

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

I checked Grizzley and LEM..... neither had a listing for spare o-rings..... I have the Griz 5# vert stuffer......  Dave

On Grizzly's stuffer page, there's a purple button, "Purchase Parts", it's part number PH6252001A, still just a $1.


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Slap me dumb..... Thanks for the colored pictures Martin...  I needed that......    102.gif.....



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You can get 5lb O rings from Sausage Maker, LEM or Allied Kenco

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Are the O rings all a standard size/dia per 5#, 10# etc.or do they
vary per mfg?? Picking up an extra might not be a bad idea, have
used a food grade (NSF) gel to keep O ring from drying/cracking
on Sausage Maker vertical stuffer that works great.
Spare would be good though just in case...
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