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I have one of the original New Braunfels Bandera upright offset smokers, before CharBroil bought them out, that I no longer use and would give to anyone who would like it. I'm near Raleigh,  NC. It was modified quite heavy according to the Bandera Brethern website. The firebox has lots of rust but would clean up easily, the large upright smoke box is fine.

I live in raleigh...........I would be interested in it. I have some already smoked vacuum sealed butts for pulled pork and some sausages we can trade for it..........


I'll send you a PM (private message)



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I have a NB came across it by chance in 2003, thick ass steel exactly what I was looking for ,new in the box $165.00. still in use did some tri tip on it Sunday Yum. Would love to get a larger version of same.

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Here is a photo of my New Braunfels smoker I have had for 10 years.  It is a small unit and the insulation made a big improvement in temperature control, improved distribution inside, and one third of the charcoal use.  It has made a lot of real good smoked meat, poppers, and even sweet potatoes.  Wrap the potatoes in foil after poking holes all over and coating with oil or butter.  Put on the firebox end and they help protect from high temperatures and really turn out good.  


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NCwood. I would take it if you still have it available. Let me know!

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I was given a new braunfels offset horizontal smoker. Smoke chamber is 16"x34". The sticker on the smoke chamber lid says w c bradley new braunfels smoker. There is no texas emblem. The problem is there is no support for cooking grates or charcoal grates. Any help would be great. Thanks ahead of time
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In my offset, the grids just rest on the surface. There are no tabs or anything to support them. I found a slightly larger fire grid so it sits higher in the chamber. With the original, ash build-up smothered the fire from below. 

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Blue smokes, take a couple of measurements inside the firebox, both front to back, and side to side part way down the firefox and just below the lid opening--at or near its widest point. Then, look at replacement grates at HD/Lowe's/Menard's for those sizes. Bluesman is right about the original coal grate being so low it snuffed out quickly. Another option is to make a charcoal basket out of expanded 3/4" steel, and add some legs (nuts, bolts, and washers) to allow underneath airflow (there's a great how-to on this site). Another option is to simply cut 3/4" expanded metal to fit the firebox.

The cooking chamber should have screws and nuts just below where the lid contacts the barrel. These are rests for the grates. Take the same measurements, look for replacement grates, or cut expanded metal to fit. Hope this helps--I have the old school NB pre-Bradley/Char-Broil, built like a brick outhouse in NB) and wouldn't part with it for anything.
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