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Hey all, new to forum but had my PBC for about two years now.  I use it extensively; I cook chickens 2-3 times/week for friends as well as other goodies for the family.  I've done plenty of experimenting, as well...I have a pretty good handle on what works, and what doesn't on the barrel.  I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts with anyone that has questions about the Pit Barrel.  I also have a GMG Jim Bowie, but that's more like a big outdoor oven...lol

  A few of my cooks:

Where'd you get your grate?
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Double that on where'd that beautiful grate come from, and can I get it in a 22" also?

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Originally Posted by Fire Me Boy View Post

Where'd you get your grate?



Originally Posted by KRJ View Post

Double that on where'd that beautiful grate come from, and can I get it in a 22" also?



And yes, they make a 22''.


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I have some fresh kielbasa, a chicken brinerating in soy sauce and bourbon and some aromatics, and turkey legs marinating in seasoning rub and Worcestershire sauce for the PBC today.
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Thanks! Amazon sells these, too!

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Been working to improve the meat on my PBC. This was about a 60:40 split charcoal to hickory. Best smoke flavor yet, and got a little smoke ring, too.


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Well I have my second cook on this and let me just say this is a chicken cooking machine!

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That looks great!

You say its a 60/40 split, is this wood chunks ratio or something else?

Do you experiment much with the charcoal, or do you use the Kingford bluebag?  I've been using the Kingsford on long cooks, but for chicken I like a hot and fast cook with Royal Oak from Homedepot.

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Yep, 60:40 charcoal to wood chunks. I typically use the blue bag, haven't really ventured away from that yet.

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