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Here's a thread with a picture of a handy homemade clean-out tool - especially good for those OK Joes without the ash drawer, but I use it quite a lot with mine that has the ash drawer:

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Tending a fire all night long vs setting and forgetting. I'm thinking the Brisket on the OKJ for the smoke ring and perhaps a 7hr smoke at 275F. Putting the picnic in the MES with hickory chips for a 13hr smoke at 225F overnight for really tender/juicy pulled pork. I'm human after all and I know damn well I'd fall asleep on the brisket overnight on a slow smoke. Its happened once already but I lucked out when my fire died. Remarkably, the brisket came out pretty tender albeit a tad overdone. icon_biggrin.gif 

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One of the best threads I have seen on thermometers convection plates and coal baskets for the OK Joe.I plan to take the pics and specs I got from here and take them to a metal/welding shop to see if someone can make these for me.I hope you guys don't mind me doing that. Let me know.

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What did you do about the gap on the side by the fire box? I have about a 1/4" gap because of the curvature of the barrel, I was thinking about stuffing tin foil in the gap..bad idea? what do you suggest?

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Here is my new Oklahoma Joe and a sketch I made of my tuning plates and firebox baffle. I used 1 sheet of 1/8 and bent the baffle instead of welding 3 pc's. I am going to add

thermometers and a fire box cage next.





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baffle installed looks great


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I just got the ok joe highland. Can any of you guys that have had this joe give any tips/tricks? Do those plates work for you?
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Originally Posted by Ski-Freak View Post

Here is a picture that shows my additional "Tel-Tru" thermometers as purchased from FireCraft - they were $25 each:






Did you do any sort of RTV sealant (or similar) on the back side of your new thermometers? Or did you just drill a hole that was tight enough to not lose smoke? If the ladder, what size hole, if you recall?

Also, I cant find the post, but you had talked about using a drop in baffle instead of the diffuser plate (until you made one). Do you remember how thick the drop in baffle was along with the tuning plates?

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I just drilled the holes and installed them, and didn't use any RTV. The holes were somewhere between 1/4 and 3/8 inch and I just picked the right drill bit. It took a little while to drill through the steel, but the thermometers came with all the right hardware. There were no leaks.

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Cool, thanks Ski

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