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B-Day party Ribs and more

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Had a Birthday party for my boy, he requested some spare ribs, pulled pork and a couple of fatties. I added in the beans and potatoes.


This is my first try at ribs and I was pretty pleased. I followed Jeff’s 3-2-1 (2-2-1 baby back) advice and they turned out perfect! Thanks Jeff!!!!


Having already done a few butts I was trying to be out of the MES 30 and on the way to FTC by 8am, they hit 165 IT at 0630 and 205 IT at 0835. Just a few minutes pasted my guess, I am thinking that I did pretty good to get it that close. Did the FTC until the IT was at 170 IT then pulled and wrapped up for later.


The 4 racks of spare ribs were prepped the day before with yellow mustard and Jeff’s rub. At the last minute a couple of racks of Baby Backs were handed to me. So they didn’t get the overnight prep but turned out just as good. One rack of baby backs had BBQ sauce added to them during last cook hour, against my advice.


Having just bought a Masterbuilt Gas Smoker last weekend at Sears (only had to lay out $12 after gift card and 20% off coupon) I was a little nervous about using it like this right out of the gate . . I seasoned it twice during the week and used the second time to play around with the gas to see how quickly the temp changes. The posting of how to modify the chip try was a big help! I am thinking of getting the Amazing Tube smoker for it, Yes/No?


Some advice for the Newbies, DO NOT put your digital probe transmitter on top of the gas smoker. I melted it! Guess I was used to the MES 30 not getting hot on the outside.


Having read some place on here (and couldn’t find it again) about how the meat will bring down the temps greatly. I crank it up to 300 and put the spare ribs in, after about 5 minutes the temp came down to 200 and started to climp back up so I tweaked on the gas to maintain it in 220-230 range.

I used my MES 30 and AMNPS to cook up the Baby Backs, fatties, beans and potatoes (it was very crowded!).  The fatties were made with Jimmy Deans Hot Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Pepperoni, Pepper Jack and Provolone Cheese, Red/Yellow/Orange Peppers, Mushrooms and onions, I put a light coating of Jeff’s rub on the outside of the sausage before wrapping it up in the Bacon weave. The beans were 2 large cans of Bush, 1 can of Pork-n-Beans, ½ cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of yellow mustard, ¼ cup chopped onions, ½ cup KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, hand full of pulled pork and 3 strips of bacon layed across the top and dusted with Jeff’s rub.


Everything but the potatoes was done within +/- 30 minutes of when I thought they would be. Had to wait an extra 45 minutes for potatoes to get done.


I am thinking I need to upgrade to a bigger model smoker after this weekend.


I want to give thanks for all of the advice I got from here, I wish I could find all the postings and give them thanks by name . .



a big pile of Ribs



a couple of fatties



baked beans from the smoker, what a great taste!



the meat lovers table 

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stjoeguy, evening..... Don't you love it when a plan comes together ???  Everything looks good ..... congrats....  Dave

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

stjoeguy, evening..... Don't you love it when a plan comes together ???  Everything looks good ..... congrats....  Dave

thanks Dave,

having been my first big undertaking I was relieved when I noticed the big pile of meatless bones in the bucket and the line forming for seconds.

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Awesome looking food .............icon14.gif Bet the dog had a great time with the left over rib bones too

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Great job!
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Congrats on a successful smoke and the birthday party. Looks outstanding!

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looks good !!    drool.gif

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Congrats on your first of many big successes - everything looks great

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Very nice hope b-day boy was pleased

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