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Noob question...

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I am having a go at making kransky (I am a sausage virgin...never made any before), for tomorrow night, I just have a quick question or two... Firstly, it says I need cure #2 (2%)...I don't have any cure #2 (2%)...but I do have a cure all product that has 2.3% sodium nitrite (lesnies). Could this be used instead? In the event that it can't, I am preparing the sausage today, so it has time to stabilise, to be smoked tomorrow, do I need to use cure at all...The manufacturers instructions on both the cure, and the kransky seasoning mix, are very vague...

Thanks, in advance.

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Dreegle, afternoon....  I have no idea what "Kransky" is.....    Are you following a recipe ??? It calls for cure #2....  Follow the recipe...  and make sure the amount of %nitrate or %nitrite it calls for is the same you are using....  Curing meats should not be taken lightly....  I suggest you read and familiarize yourself a little more before this undertaking....     

Cure #1 and cure #2 are two  different chemicals.... they are not interchangeable....    Dave

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We need to know the formula and procedure before giving advise.
Cure #2 may of may not be the correct cure for your particular formula.
The source of the formula would also be helpful.
Don't assume that the formula is using the correct amount and type of cure.

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As with all cured products, interchanging cures is not recommended.  If your recipe called for a specific cure and quantity you can not just substitute on a 1 for 1 basis.  Cures 1 and 2 are different products for specific uses and techniques.  Do your research first then you will be better prepared and become well informed.   

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Sorry...needs cure #1 (2%)...cure number 1 is nitrite (not nitrate)...The lesnies cure is nitrite, 2.3%... the method is 30g seasoning, 3 grams cure, per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of pork/beef mince, leave to stabilise  overnight, before smoking at 74C (165 F), until internal temp of 68 C (154.4F) in water.


I think the cure I used should be OK, it is a cure all, and, as the curing is overnight, it would have to be nitrites (nitrates would take too long to convert)....


Fingers crossed...I used my cure, after careful consideration (coin toss)... I will post a thread, if it kills me :)

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