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bradley smokers...

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Does anyone have one? I'm curious how well they work. I'm looking to either get a bradley or a masterbuilt 30 to 40. Just curious anout which is better.
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I had a Bradley and sold it after I got my MES. The MES has more room and better control than the Bradley in my opinion for the money.



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When I bought the MES I was looking at the Bradley what turned me off was the availability of the wood discs in my area.  I did not want to have to mail order every time I wanted to try a new wood flavor.  Though the auto feed would be nice the amnps is a perfect fix for that in the MES.  As for my purchase I could not be happier and I got the MES 30 for less than $200 so the investment wasnt to hard on the wallet.

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I have 4 Bradleys that i run with a PID and use my AMZNPS with ease and great results. Way better than MESPOJ wich i went thru 4 of them.

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