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Stainless steel muffler smoker !

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That's right, you did read correctly. A muffler.


This ain't your regular muffler however, this puppy came off a million dollar 750kw generator!

40" in diameter and 8 feet long build from 1/8" thick stainless. Yea baby.


I've seen so many wonderful and ingenious builds on this forum that I would like to draw upon your collective wisdom

to help me make this a success if not an adventure.


Here are a couple of pictures of this monster and an idea or two that have been dancing around in my head.






Idea number one: Vertical inline.


Stand this monster on end, use one flange opening as the firebox air intake, use the other flange opening as the chimney outlet.

Each opening is 13-1/2 inches in diameter.


I would cut out bottom section with the flange to make a door with built in round air inlet.

Cut a couple of doors above that to place shelves for food.

Weld in a firebox to smoke chamber separator.

Attach a chimey to the top flange with a 90 degree elbow.

Seems like a simple enough plan.


Waddayathink ?

I'm looking for any suggestions.



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Better you than me. points.gif

Good lord, how much does that thing weigh?

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Good lord, how much does that thing weigh?


I estimate with it's internals (insulation, baffles, lining, etc.) around 1500 lbs!


Once stripped I figure about 500 lbs.
I doubt it will blow away :)

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OK, so here's my design so far. Looking for any comments from all you experienced folks.


Knowing that this monster is going to weigh in somewhere around 600-700 lbs once complete I think putting it on wheels is a good idea if I ever decide to move it.

I borrowed the dual door idea from a build I saw on this site (forget which one, I studied so many). I also borrowed the circular shelf idea from here.

I figure if I add a motor to the whole lazy suzan type shelves, I can guarantee that every square inch will get maximum smoke.


The trailer concept I think is kind of clever, tilt the unit for transport, don't have to worry about an 102 inch structure tipping over.

I also figure a couple of steps and integrated "cooking deck" is a good idea since cooking shelves will be anywhere from 30" to 80" off the ground.

The deck brings everything down to a reasonable height.


I think I came up with a name for this thing too: I think I'll call it ... "OPTIMUS PRIME"


So here are my drawings as the design now stands ...





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I like the swivel down idea for transporting it. To build on that thought may want to think about...

- Swivel Exhaust

- Door on the top side instead of down when in transport mode.

- another set of racks

- a firebox

With these changes it may work for smoking either vertical or horizontal. Just a thought, may screw up the motorized lazy Susan thought when smoking vertical though... th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Optimus is taking shape ...


3 Hours and 10 cut off wheels later !



My helper is inspecting the work, quality control is important.


Lots of insulation stuffed in there ...




All insulation removed... Ready for the next phase.




Stay tuned for more ...

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I'm in...



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Originally Posted by piaconis View Post

I'm in...


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30.gif thats insane, bring on the build




post #10 of 57 are all making me feel like a beach bum.  Nice project!





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At least you won't be bored for a while!!!

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That is one hell of a big unit. Your build is ambitious. I think horizontal would be easier maybe even more practical, but I got to admit, the visual impact of 8+ feet of Vertical Stainless Steel belching Smoke can not be denied...You're going to need that 8 Wheel ATV to drag that big sucker around. I got to ask, did it cost anything? How did you aquire a Generator Muffler?...JJ

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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

I got to ask, did it cost anything? How did you aquire a Generator Muffler?...JJ


The cost for the muffler was the very affordable price of ZERO dollars.

It did however cost me $300 to have a flat bed tow truck deliver it from 200 miles away!


It's quite a bit (OK, a lot) bigger than I was hoping for, but by using the unit pretty much as is, I'm hoping to minimize welding. I do have a small MIG, but I wasn't planning on stainless until this fell on my lap. It's going to look real sweet once it's sandblasted and/or wire brushed.

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A little more progess...


Stainless is cut for the "Lazy Susan" shelving. Going to try my hand at TIG welding.

I should be an expert by the time I'm done I have about 190 1" welds to do!



A couple of pipe burners for the propane assist. Both are 36" long 1" pipe, one with 1-1/2" slit spacing, the other with 1" spacing.


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That is simply outstanding!


What a totally cool project - I'll be watching this one for sure...

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Holy guacamole Batman!  


Whatever the outcome or design, this will be a smoker for the ages.  I'm thinking you guys north of the border are crazy canada-flag-68.gif.


Like piaconis posted, I"M IN!



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This looks to be very interesting . Cant wait to follow along there is alot of good ideas that come from here!

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I'm in  !!!


popcorn.gif     pepsi.gif


This is gonna be great

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Damn son, you got yourself a whole passel of go-get-em going on there! welder.gif


I love the tilt trailer idea combined with the powered shelves! Just a thought, you may have to reduce the size of the exhaust vent, otherwise your gonna have way to much draw.


.... and maybe change the name to "Optimus Prime(rib)" LOL

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Originally Posted by JIRodriguez View Post
.... and maybe change the name to "Optimus Prime(rib)" LOL

Bwah ha, good one!


Thank you all for the encouragement, it's a pretty ambitious project.


With regards to reducing the exhaust vent, I was going to put a damper in. That way if I decide to do long smokes with the propane assist (to finish off the last several hours) I can choke down the exhaust and keep more heat in.  Good or bad idea ?


Got part of the lazy susan welded-up. TIG welding sure looks easy in the hands of a master. I SUCK !

Thankfully I am getting better, my first two dozen welds sure weren't pretty.



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