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pulled pork confusion. also cook on Friday serve on sat

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there are so many threads on pulled pork i'm lost. normally I spend a lot of time researching things but on  whim, i want to do a pulled pork for a block party next sat.


two question come to mind.

1. what is the cut of meat i'm looking for. boston butt? front sholder? I not sure what to ask for at the butchers


2. in order to keep my sanity for a 12 hr block party i can't cook all night. i plan on cooking it Friday to have to serve the next day.


anyone know the best way to do this? i'm thinking i will get done about friday 8p or 9 pm if i start early. wrap in foil and towel and place in a cold oven to rest then in the fridge. heat in a crock pot with BBQ sauce?


sounds ok? how do you fellow smoke-a-holics do it?

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i should point out the block party is a few miles away so I will be cooking at my house and them warming at my in-laws.

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Ask the Butcher for a Boston Butt or a Pork Butt. This is the upper shoulder and will give a 50% yield. Figure 4-6oz Samiches on Hamburg Buns. I like to figure 1 and 1/2 Servings per person. So lets say 30 people coming... 45 sammies X 5oz X 2 for yield / 16 oz per Lb...45 X 5 X 2 / 16 = 28 Lbs Raw Butt needed for 30 People.

If there are other Meat choices then you can cut back to 1 Sandwich per Person.


If you are going a day ahead, plan on 2 hrs/Lb at 225-250*F with a 2 hour Pad/Rest. Then remove from the oven, save any Juices, Pull it and let it cool, bag it and go in the Refer. For the Party you have some options. I put the PP in a Crock Pot with the defatted pan juices and my Finishing Sauce and heat on High until it hit's 165-175*F then set the Pot on Warm and Hold for Service. You can Reheat covered in a 325*F (USDA Rec) with the Juices and Sauce to 165*F then hold it above 140*F as needed. Some reheat in the Bags in simmering Water...


I use this Tangy Finishing Sauce... Then have what ever type of BBQ sauce the people prefer, usually a Sweet KC style BBQ Sauce, and some Hot Sauce for the Chile-Heads.


Have Fun and Good Luck...Looking forward to the Qview and any Recipes you have to share...JJ

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thanks chef. that is some good advice and I saving it:) i already saved you finishing sauce and probably will try that. 

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Cool! Hope all goes well with good weather...JJ

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Chef Jimmy nailed it although I don't use a finishing sauce. I use the defatted drippings or Chef Jimmy's Au Jus (which I adapted for Pork).


Good luck!

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