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shes dirty need sprayed down but she is ready to be seasoned......

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well, did you fire your up yet?


Im installing my door gaskets and waiting for my thermometers to get here hopefully tomorrow so I can fire mine up this weekend.

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Not yet i went and got my peanut oil today.. im gonna season it up first thing in the morning that's gonna b the moment of truth see how bad i did lol
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I think it should be fine, just start with a small fire.


Just wondering, I see so many people season with so many things on here from  bacon to fat back and all. Ive just always used cheap old weson oil and sprayed it on with a bottle sprayer. Do you think putting bacon on does any good?  I would think the bacon greese would get kind of spoiled.

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Ya i think it could get kinda rancid
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Q VIEW.................

left to right chipolte rub spare rib, menphis style wrapped up to try the difference, and kansas city spare rib, bushes baked beans (havent made my own yet but its on my bucket list) and two whole chickens one injected with garlic and erb the other one with a tequilla lime what do ya think?????????????

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and me guarding my Q ... already wanting to do another one but this one will be 250 gal with alot of extras thank you to everyone who put in their 2 cents in never took on anything like this before but im happy with the end product all the food was juicy and amazing this is a great site keep up the good work guys and gals

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Looks great and sounds like it taste just as good

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