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Someone let me know if this sounds right ....reverse flow plate 5 inches from bottom of tank with a. 7 inch opening at the end will leave 6 inches between cook grate and reverse flow plate...and im thinking of running duel 30 inch 4 id pipe for my smoke stack i can shut one down if need be just want to make sure i have enough air flow someone let me know asap thanks guys
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you dont need that much room between the bottom grate and the reverse fllow plate. I have about 4.5 inches on my current build.  Give it more flow under the plate, mine is 8 inches from the bottom.

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Sweet thanks...how much of a gap at the end of your plate?
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Ok , this is a 100 gallon propane tank I added 12 inches to the center to make it taller. See where the welds are where the end caps were originally welded on, thats where my pate ends, about 8 to 10 inches from the end

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Heres a more up to date pic, look where I blended in the firebox, the lid to the fire box extends into the cooking chamber, one solid piece.

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Thats a good looking smoker i wish i could of found a 100 gal but my 60 gal will do for now.. mine is getting closer i painted the trailer last night went with banner red for the tongue and frame of trailer. Then my fire box, cook chamber and legs will be black with some chrome diamond plate fenders. I should have my fire box and tank mounted together tonight i hope should be done in a week or so
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I just ordered some more expanded metal and 40ft of angle, I have to fiqure out how Im going to do my wood box and storage areas......

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I have half of mine done ill post some pics of what i have so far
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i have to put up the other side and put angle iron across the top. the 4 support posts and wood box will be black

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my fire box

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Chris, evening..... Looking good..... starting to come together real nice......    Dave

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Thanks dave ya im pretty proud of it so far its all mounted up ready to weld but i got tired and didnt want to tackle any more welds today sunday im gonna weld everything together and throw on some paint i appreciate all your info you guys have given me and defenitly cant wait to do my first q veiw
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I will be finishing up my racks , sandblasting the whole thing and trying to get paint on it for Labor day weekend. My back is already sore, hope it hold out!!!

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Well i got my fire box and chamber welded together and welded to the trailer stack hole cut and most of my rf plate cut im getting tire in the morning ill update some pictures after i get em put back on
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Looks like we are just about at the same place, nice seeing it almost looking like a smoker isn't it.

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Ya my wife thought i was crazy when there was just piles of metal an air compressor and a rickidy little trailer sitting in my garage i look back on the pictures and its a good feeling seeing how far it has come
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My wife still thinks I'm crazy, but after I started doing the slow cooking method instead just grilling (yes I was heavily influenced by the TV show), she has been supportive and is almost as excited as I am to get this finished.


I'm glad I took pictures as a reminder too.

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Ya i figured when its done and shiny i'll take one of it then orint off my before and after be cool pictures to hang in my garage
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I know I have one heck of a mess to pick up in my garage when this one is done. Plus , it will take some time for the burns , cuts and metal splinters to work out of my hands and arms.

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Ya i have had my share of cuts and burns. I am ready to be done i already have my next design planned out it will be a 200 gal rf with a warmer box. Oh yeah and its gonna be lifted 6 inches sitting on a chevy axle and 35's to match my truck be very unique i have never seen one lifted
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