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HELLO anybody out there! !!!!!!!!™
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Chris, what's up....  

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Not much just asked a couple ?s and never got any replys
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What questions do you have?????

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my exhaust stack do i run it out the top of my cook chamber or is it better to run it out of the middle of the chamber then 45° up
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What size opening from the firebox to smoke chamber is recommended (in square inches)......  I would say, you should weld the firebox to the smoke chamber....  Insert the FB about 8" into it, and have the top of the FB at the level you are planning to have the RF plate.....  be sure the RF plate has at least 1.5 times the FB / Smoke Chamber opening under it for good air flow... 

If you choose to have an external FB ducted to the smoke chamber, I don't know what to tell you......  A setup like that is more or less designed for a cold smoker because of the heat loss......   Dave


A member asked a question about my thinking and explanation above...... here is a drawing.....  click on it to make it larger....    



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On the exhaust stack, I would have it below the top of the chamber. Either come out the side or extend it into the chamber from the top. My last build I had the exhaust on the sides and had no problem, my current build I extended the pipes staight down into the chamber 8" from the top/

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finally got my door cut ended up being a little thicker than 1/8 in

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thats not the handle im using just put it on for now

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burning out my tank hope it will make cleaning it out easier

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Ok i think i will run it out the side....the metal wont need to be all that thick will it since its just the exaust?
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looking good!

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Thanks... im getting excited its getting close couldn't have made it this far without all the help
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Supposed to get everything soda blasted in the morning ill pist some pictures of my progress then
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my buddy soda blasting the tank trying to beat th;e rain

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well got the tank done before it rained so will get rest monday or tuesday.

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Nice grab on the cart,  I'm still looking for something similar.

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Patience my smoking friend i never pay full price hell i never pay half price i have 63$ in my smoker so far
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looking good.got to love building a smoker for cheap money. i have about $12 into mine and all the material to finish it.

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Ya maybe one day i can drop a couple grand on one but not any time in the near future for me
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