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Not sure since im doing most of the work
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Chris, afternoon..... you might end up kicking yourself for not building a reverse flow, later down the road....  Not any more difficult when you consider having to build and install tuning plates and adjusting them to get even heat distribution across the smoker...  Dave

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Ya your probably right maybe ill just do it anyway. .now when i put the olate down to make it a rf how to i put my ball valve and pipe for clean out do i run it thru the plate or just thru the bottom of the chamber???
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it has to go through the plate.look through the build threads on here and youll find some good ideas.have you found out if the tank is 1/4" or not?

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No i was doing some grinding on the trailer before work and my on off switch broke off so i couldn't use it to cut tank gonna borrow my neighbors Tuesday and cut it then...
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Chris, evening.... Yes.... weld a 2" pipe nipple to the RF plate for a drain...  run it through the smoke chamber and install a valve or a pipe cap... 

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I was playing around with the pit calculator and for my 60 gal tank i am using a 19in sq fire box i know its bigger than what i need.. i came up with a 5x4 air intake with a opening to the cook chamber of 11x5 with a exhaust stack 4" pipe 27" high what i cant figure out is how much opening do i need at the end of my reverse flow plate and how far below my cooking grate my plate needs to be if anyone comes up with better numbers on anything please let me know and how to figure out the end gap and plate height (my tank if roughly 22 wide so idk how to only cut 11 inchesfor my chamber opening guess i need info on that too)biggrin.gif thanks...chris
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Chris, evening...   There are probably guidelines for your question somewhere....  I figure.....  under the RF plate and at the end of the RF plate at least 1.5 times the opening size of the firebox to smoke chamber.... this is to allow for friction loss of the plate and the smoke/heat/air having to take a 180 deg turn around the end of the RF plate.....  having never built a RF smoker I can't test these numbers for sure... But I did stay in a Holiday Inn once.... And worked in industry in a field calculating air flows for environmental equipment...  All this is totally a SWAG....  (scientific wild a** guess as we used to call it)....  Hope this helps....  Dave

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Haha that's good stuff dave....well hate to say it but had a slight set back the more i did to the trailer the more i hated it so i cut it back down to the leaf springs.im starting over i was rushing into it and knew i could slow down so better and make something i could be proud of dont give up on me im going metal shopping tomorrow if i cant look at it at the end and be pround of it whats the point right? So i will have new pictures with my new design....thanks chris
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kinda blurry but i went and bought 4in channel and boxed in a frame and ran a 3in channel tounge i like this alot more what do you guys think

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Chris, morning.... Looks like it is coming together nicely....  

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thats better.... not bad considering i havent done very much metal work before

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looking good!!

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thanks still havent cut my tank yet was having my hinges made up then im gonna cut it and burn the inside and get it all cleaned up...then the real work begins not looking forward to those long welds along the rf plate

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lol,what are you using for a welder?

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Good ol lincoln stick welder using 6011 rod
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Just do yourself a favor and dont stick the firebox way out to the side like most builds I see. Place it a little below your cooking chamber with at least 1/3 being below it.

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If i bring my exaust stack out the side then 45° up will that mess with my flow or is there a better way to run it I've seen some designs with a square box before the round pipe
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here is my fire box minus the door heavier than i thought it would be but i guess thats a good thing

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here is what i think is a cool design i ran channel with holes in it and some road sign post to make rear legs to support the weight while smoking then slide em up when i head down the road

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