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Temp prob

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I got an early birthday present from a buddy of mine yesterday!  I have a nice Traeger Digital thermometer!!!!  Excited....this is much better than what I have been using!  Woooo----hoooo!

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I happy for you, now cook somethind.LOL

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going to do that this weekend.....ribs and possibly something else.  Back at work after vacation...gotta get back into the grind.  20 + hours with the Butts on Friday...needed a teeny break!  LOL

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Glad you got one! 

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Cool, now get us some of those fancy thangs called pixtures

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did you see all the pics from the Pool Party....yup----I will never forget pics again!  LOL


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no i did not, post a link so i can check it out

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Here is what I posted on the forum this past weekend.  Also...more of them are on Facebook.

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