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yup oldschoolbbq!!! u gotchurself a bad-boy! I looked long and hard at the same brand before deciding on my final choice...
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Cliffcarter, by pushing the Therm. close to the bone you get a final finish temp. Due to all the juices melting around the bone, it cools off a bit , breaking down the Collegen and Muscle fibers (there's a long scientific reason,but...). When the bone releases , the meat is thouroughly done, going to a lesser temp. would tend to be more for Slicing the Butt. That would be at 165° or so close to the bone. Unless you have a boneless Butt, IMHO, I'd let it go to a little less and maybe it will pull not having the bone in.


Bone is cheaper for me and I like the flavor the bone gives...


Have fun and...

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 Funny about that, whenever I take a temp too near the bone it is lower than that taken further away.



And you are correct. I mispoke. Dam that Crown. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

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