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For Trade: White Oak for mesquite

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For Trade:
White Oak for mesquite

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

I have a friend that lives in Tyler TX. I understand that I can get mesquite wood from his area. I will be visiting him in a few months. I have access to white oak (Chesapeake, VA). I propose to bring a 5' X 8' X 14" trailer load to the Tyler TX area for an equal sum of mesquite. Currently my route will be I-20 to Dallas Fort Worth, then south to Tyler. Thanks.


Also I would be please to hear of anyone selling Mesquite in the Tyler TX area.

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Shouldn't have much problem finding mesquite here, lots of it around.  Big John's in Benbrook sells it by the bag, ¼, ½, and full cord also, just a few miles west of Fort Worth:, around $250 a cord.

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Howdy, leames!

Pops knows much more about this than I do but I'm gonna give you something to chew on.

Tyler is in a part of Texas that has white and red oak. Are you sure about that bringing a trailer load to Texas? Or, is it a white oak that I don't know about.

Now, if you was to bring a load of cherry to Texas, you'd probably have people stopping you every few miles.

You shouldn't have any problems finding mesquite. I don't think there is much of it growing around Tyler, but many Texas barbecue smokers use it so it can't be too hard to find. The drive from Tyler to Fort Worth will be well worth it if you don't find any mesquite closer. Seeing as how you are coming from Chesapeake, you won't hardly notice the extra distance.

Hope this helps some.
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Rabbithutch is correct. Plenty of oak, hickory and pecan. Gonna have to go a few hours south or west to get to the mesquite. Stormy springs make for an availability of wood. I travel Houston, Odessa, back to Tulsa a few times a week...
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I got my mesquite off of DFW classifieds.
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