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There is some awesome steak on this was making me I went and got a boneless prime rib roast.....



Cut that beast down into 4 x 26oz steaks.....



Vac packed 2 for next time....SPOG'd and wrapped the other 2 and stuffed them in the busy with work...came back a week later....




half loaded the AMPTS with Pecan...first hour smoke only no heat....then 175F until IT of 120




@ IT 120F i seared them on my inside griddle (too cold out)



Served with fries, asparagus and bernaise sauce.....Easily the tastiest steak i've ever eaten!




By far my best attempt at Reverse Sear...this is my first attempt with the MES and made it so much easier than my old brinkman gasser. I think next time I'll pull it at IT 115F...these were great but went past my "perfect" steak.


Thanks for looking.

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Nice  Looks very Tasty



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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Nice  Looks very Tasty



Thanks Gary....


I've got the other two 26ozers in the fridge....taunting me....calling out to me....I dont know how long I can hold out before I try this again! (Assuming that eating 52 oz of steak in one week is not a good thing...)aussieflag.gif

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Dingo your prime rib sure looks good!!!


Got a 26" Weber for my birthday and breaking it in the right way, with a 2" thick ribeye, hasselbacks, and corn.


Cut in half and shared with my better half.


Plated.  Next time I won't cook the corn quite so long.  It's nice having this much grill space!  For my first time with this grill it turned out pretty good ...

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I never had heard of a reverse sear until I got my smoker a few months ago. I tried it once recently and was a big hit with the wife and daughter. This week United had NY strip on sale for valentines day so I figured I'd try another. I ran across this thread looking for tips and Y'ALL rock! Anyway...I figured I'd return the favor with my experience yesterday. Special thanks to PGSmoker64 for the onion idea.


I rubbed these with olive oil and used lemon pepper, garlicsalt and a dash of Grill mate -montreal seasoning. They are about 1" thick. I covered and put in fridge for about 2 1/2 hrs.

I have a MES 40 and added another temp probe Maverick HD8 . They seem to be within a degree or two of each other. I started at 215 degrees but wasnt getting enough smoke so went up to 220. I had about a quart of water in the pan and a couple of halves of red onion on skewers.

I used a mixture of hickory and pecan..I pulled them at 115 IT after an hour - maybe 1:15

 I put the steaks on the gas grill at 500 for 50 seconds each side let rest for 10 mins then plated with my wife's lemon pepper saute'd mushrooms that had the smoked onion saute'd with them..those onions are spectacular with those mushrooms!!

Steaks are perfect med rare ...mine (pictured) was a bit more to rare because i like it that way.Added a baked potato and tossed salad..

Thanks for all the posts.. this is a great community

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OOPs, backwards again, must be the beers!.   Anyway, had to ck out this reverse sear thing, I had some eye round I cut for the kids (they wont eat fat) the 2 larger are for me and the wife.  Unfortunately I don't have any cut pics of the eye rounds, cause the kids mowed em down so quick!  For being such a lean meat, they were tender as can be...oh, I put sea salt fresh cracked peppercorn and powdered garlic dust on each before letting rest for 40 minutes.  275 degree all, pulled the eye's out after 15 minutes, rest,  seared each 1 minute, little butter, approx 500 degrees, rest, 10 min. sliced across grain, did the same for the ribeyes, except 5 more minutes in the oven.  I know, no smoker involved, this wont happen again, i swear.   Just got home late and did it this way, next time smoker, but I can say, they will ALWAYS be reverse seared!!

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If you would like to replicate the 1200° broiler temps that the high end steakhouses use for searing, the following works very well without raising the IT of the steaks.




Applying a Super Sear in smoking hot skillet containing butter and oil.


Mr T

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There are some really good looking steaks here...

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