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Proper fuel for Wood Smoker

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I know the title sounds odd, especially being in the "wood smokers" section. Here is my question. I have had my smoker for about 2 years. I am starting to make some pretty good food with it but I have always wondered if I am heating it up properly and maintaining the temperature properly. Currently I get some coals going with charcoal in a chimney starter. Once those are white hot I put them in the firebox and add a log or two of my wood. Once the temp gets where I want it I add the meat. From then on out I only add wood to the firebox. I have been doing some reading and it seems to have confused me more than it's helped. Is this an acceptable way of heating the smoker? Some that I have ready seem to add wood only at certain points of the cooking, not sure if this is due to the type of smoker they are using or what.


I'd greatly appreciate any advice on this. THANKS!

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Dodson, first Hello , if I haen't already, Welcome to the SMF  and if you haven't , please go by our Roll Call and introduce your self to the gang...

 Now, you caught a good fish, LOL , I have a post that will intrest you aon wood...

it has pictures and explainations. read thuough this and PM ,me if you have questions:

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